Social Advertising

Social Advertising

Harness the Power of Social Advertising

If done right, social advertising can reach a larger audience while maintaining a lower cost per acquisition than paid search; in addition it can provide higher quality ad placements than display networks.

The challenge with social advertising is keeping it constantly fresh and interesting and maintain profits and revenue. Digital Brain Labs achieves these by combining various strategies such as multi-network remarketing, identifying audiences and similar users, and most importantly; seeking the right context, interest and behavioral targeting.

Social Engineering Done Right:

  • Creating a digital advertising strategy that targets the right audience of users on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • Remarket to your website visitors in their social feeds.
  • Use your ideal customers to build look-a-like audiences and specifically target social media users who are most likely to drive revenue for your business.
  • Make mobile traffic more profitable by targeting smart phone and tablet users while they are on social media, where they are proven to be more likely to convert into sales and leads.
  • Prevent diminishing returns from social advertising with seasonal, promotional and relevant advertising copy.

Our Secret Sauce

With so much data being collected, understanding this data and reaching meaningful insights that will assist in making decisions and building strategies is more challenging than ever before. Below is just a short list of unique stuff we do here at Digital Brain Labs:

  • Automation
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Share of Voice Analysis
  • Defensive Bidding Strategies
  • URL Tagging
  • CRM Integration
  • Behavioral, Socioeconomic, and/or Interest-based Targeting
  • Direct Response
  • Email List Building
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Social Network Remarketing

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