Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

Understand What Happens Post-Click

Tracking, testing, and optimizing your user’s journey from click to conversion over and over again. It’s not enough to bring users to your landing page, we need to ensure they engage – fill a form that produces a lead, make a purchase to increase your revenue, etc.

Our efforts include but are not limited simply to landing pages. We give all factors in the funnel the attention they deserve; such as mobile websites, responsive design, microsites, online forms and overall optimization of user experience and flow.

The process involves:

  • We create a few versions of your landing pages.
  • We run A/B testing on these versions to determine which provides the best conversion rate.
  • Using the information we collect from these tests, we will further improve and optimize not just your landing page but other pages as well.

Ultimately our goal is to find the best user experience that leads to highest conversion rate. Achieving this requires A/B testing, analyzing the flow of traffic, identifying obstacles the user may experience, applying changes to website design, make exclusive offers stand out and many more. Understanding your users’ behavior based on deep analysis is what will allow us to reach your goals efficiently.

How is it done?

Here is just a brief summary of the few things we implement in our conversion rate optimization strategies:

  • A/B Testing All Changes

    We are a data driven marketing agency. That’s not just a slogan. This means all our conclusions are based on testing and data collected.

  • Multivariate Testing

    Part of our testing process is to consider all possibilities and therefor we don’t just test one thing at a time. This allows us to reach results faster and avoids lengthily tests for minor optimizations.

  • Continual Optimization

    There is always room for further optimization, this is why we never stop testing for a better version of your landing page. We keep testing over and over again.

  • Earned Conversion Rate Average (ECRA)

    We don’t sugar coat results. In order to objectively determine whether or not our tests are in fact improving your conversion rate, we measure the overall change in your conversion rate over time.

Applying all these and more is what allows Digital Brain Labs to boost your overall account performance without having to change your ad copy or even your bids.

Our Secret Sauce

With so much data being collected, understanding this data and reaching meaningful insights that will assist in making decisions and building strategies is more challenging than ever before. Below is just a short list of unique stuff we do here at Digital Brain Labs:

  • Call Tracking
  • Automation
  • Defensive Bidding Strategies
  • Product Feed Optimization
  • URL Tagging
  • CRM Integration
  • Eccommerce Platform Integration
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Behavioral, Socioeconomic, and/or Interest-based Targeting
  • Direct Response
  • Email List Building
  • Social Network Remarketing

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