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Google Ads Bans Cell Phone & Computer Repair

Without any warning, Google has shut down an entire industry from advertising using their platform. A quick search for anything like iPhone repair or cell phone repair will result in a page that for a moment looks more like a snapshot of the search engine giant many years ago. No ads at all! Just a […]


What Data Does Google Collect?

We all know that Facebook is the leader when it comes to collecting data that assists in building highly targeted audiences. Google has been quietly improving their efforts in this department and will close part of the gap this year. While most AdWords advertisers make adjustments based mainly on location and device, I believe that […]


Google wants a piece of your revenue

I’ll start off by stating that this post is just my personal opinion and can be viewed as nothing more than a crazy conspiracy theory by some 🙂 If you’re either a small professional business, a digital marketing agency or an SEO agency that works with such business’ you should probably start thinking how the latest changes […]

Quick Negative Keyword Opportunities in Adwords

Looking to beef up your negative keywords and reduce your spend on irrelevant search queries? Let’s look at a few quick methods to get this done efficiently without any fancy 3rd party tools. The most popular way to understand what your users are searching for is to look at the search terms report. These reports […]

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your AdWords Campaigns

Sometimes figuring out how to improve your Adwords performance can become a real pain. You find yourself browsing through all your campaigns, ad groups and keywords making little manual macro changes than in most cases end up quite ineffective. I’m going to give you a quick rundown of a several quick and easy things you […]

Google AdWords Conversion 101

Building an ad campaign on AdWords is just the first step in an ongoing process of reaching your goals, measuring how well you do this is key to success! Conversion rate is the defining factor of how successful your campaign is, and it reflects on your overall ad performance. Just in case you’re not familiar […]

Images Found in Google Search Text Ads

During the weekend  an image was spotted on mobile Seems like Google is trying out images in their text ads. This weekend we witnessed an ad test that shows an image from the landing page to the right of a description section in a text ad on Search. View image on Twitter Sergey Alakov@sergey_alakov Could […]

Leverage Google Adwords Towards Email Marketing

If you’re anything like me, and you probably are, you pretty much instantly delete almost every marketing email the pops up in your inbox. We spend a ton of time carefully putting together an email with an eye catching subject line and an offer that should be killer and if we’re lucky out of 100 […]

The Ultimate Guide to AdWords Ad Customizers

AdWords ad customizers aren’t anything new; they’ve actually been around for a while. This year though, we were introduced with a new feature that allows us to create custom rules to define how we want our ads to be customized. This new feature, if implemented properly can have a huge impact on your performance and […]