Google Ads Bans Cell Phone & Computer Repair

Without any warning, Google has shut down an entire industry from advertising using their platform. A quick search for anything like iPhone repair or cell phone repair will result in a page that for a moment looks more like a snapshot of the search engine giant many years ago. No ads at all! Just a map pack and organic results:

Why was this not announced? Why was there no warning? Clearly this vertical was raking millions of dollars in ad spend for Google. The reason behind this quiet shutdown is beyond me. Google has recently added some strict policies for advertisers to be allowed to use their platform but this was mostly in verticals that were plagued with scams like locksmiths. Businesses were required to go through a lengthily verification process and provided legal documents to prove they were real. But in none of these cases were these industries shut down. The only other vertical I know of that was also banned from advertising after many years is bail bonds.

This just comes to show you that if your business is entirely dependable on Google you might find yourself out of business one day without any warning. Word of advice; find additional channels to drive traffic, sales or anything else that you need in order for your business to keep running.


Thanks to Oliver Leeb over at my fb group Adwords Mastery, we discovered that only the word “repair” paired with keywords such as “phone”, “iphone”, “computer”, etc. are not showing ads. However its enough to just add an S and ads will appear again. Haven’t tested if a broad match for “repairs” will bypass this but its worth a try!



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