AdWords Allows Retargeting with Phone numbers and Addresses

You can now build audiences in AdWords using phone numbers & addresses

Don’t have a large customer email list? No problem, you can start using phone numbers and address’ instead

In 2015 Google introduced for the first time Customer Match which allowed advertisers to upload lists of customer data they collected from different channels such as newsletter subscribers; advertisers were able to either target or exclude these users in both search and display campaigns. These lists were limited to email address only up until now. This new feature is especially useful to anyone that focuses on calls or lead generation.

Below is a Google illustration describing how Customer Match works from the back end for those of you that are more interested in the inner workings of the matching process:

As mentioned previously, this type of targeting was limited only to search and display, from now on you’ll be able to apply this to all types of Google campaigns including Google Shopping, Display, Gmail and Youtube ads. You can even use these lists to create powerful similar audiences as well.

There are two ways of uploading the Phone and mailing lists; one option is through the New Adwords interface as illustrated below and the other option for more advanced users is through the AdWords API. You can fine the “Audience Manager” which is located in the Shared Library by clicking on the wrench in the upper-right corner.

This new feature creates a lot of new opportunities for advertisers that don’t have a mailing list or can’t create one due to the nature of their business such as lead gen businesses or any business that relies mainly on phone calls rather than form submissions. While I find this to be a great feature, I also find this to be a bit of a violation to the privacy of people; if someone simply wanted to get a quote for a service and now his data which includes his phone, address and possible more is delivered to Google on a silver platter from us the advertisers that spent hard cash on collecting seems a bit unfair, but Google does no Evil, what do I know? 🙂

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